The story of my mission...

The story of my mission...

The Story of Bella Beautees 

MARCH 10, 2021

I truly and deeply believe that everything and everyone you encounter in your life has a purpose. They are part of your journey and each part of that journey makes you who you are. More than anything, I believe that we should be and love our truest selves.

For a little background on me, you should know that this conclusion has been a long time coming. Growing up I was taught to keep my feelings to myself. I was made to believe if you “aired your dirty laundy,” you were looking for attention. 

It wasn’t until much later that I realized it meant you were looking for connection – that you needed to know you were not alone. That you could share your story and in doing so, not only would your own burdens be lifted, but you might lift someone else’s.

I’m sure my family was not the only one that saw things this way. In fact I know that there are many people around me who were taught to deal with issues the same way. Keep them quiet, shove your feelings down. 

As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that a family member had gone through something awful, and that I had never heard of it. For years I would be out of the loop because my family doesn’t talk about the “hard stuff.”

For example, I remember the day I found out my Grandmother was "now in remission" from breast cancer. The thing is, beautees, I didn't even know she had had breast cancer! Blindsided doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

Clear as day I recall asking my mom, "Why didn't she want us to know? I could have been there for her so she knew how much I love and support her."  But those were just the ways our family handled our "secrets"... alone.  

So I guess me telling you about some difficult moments in my life is pretty scary for me but the thing is, if I can help just one woman feel as though they are not alone in what they are feeling or going through themselves, then I know this was all worth my fears.  

I also don't want this to seem like a long list of sob stories.  Because honestly, at the end of the day, each of these experiences has made me who I am, and I’ve come out stronger and wiser through all of them. And I’d like to repeat the part about coming out of them – because that is the point – we can grow and move on from even the most difficult life moments.  

My intentions for these posts are first and foremost to help anyone reading them feel more at ease knowing they are not alone. That someone else knows exactly how you feel and there is light at the end of the journey. 

But if, in fact someone reading this still feels lost or alone – I want this to be a community of women you can lean on, talk to and vent with.  

Because in the Bella’s Community we always find our beautiful.

I hope you will join me on my journey and the journey of other “Bellas” that have difficult yet inspiring stories to share.  I look forward to reading your comments, insights and constructive wisdom through our path. Finally, I wish and pray for you to share your story too.



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